Thursday, September 16, 2010

Apparently, There's Pain.

As I look back to last night's Ethos Project, I recall the young presenter relating the story of a father  frantically, relentlessly digging in the rubble of an earthquake for 72 hours (when everyone else said there was no hope) to find his son alive and rescue him. The tears were flowing as I imagined our Heavenly Father digging through the debris of our lives in a desperate attempt to save us and set us free. The difference is, the boy was elated and relieved to see his father. We, on the other hand, are under that wreckage  clinging onto those things that need to be heaved away before we can climb out and be free. Are we scared that we will have to give up something? Are we afraid to see our Father face to face?

I got chills as I watched what I'm sure was over a hundred people, mostly kids go forward after hearing the message of salvation and the offer of freedom from the bondage that was holding them in sin.  Through the tears, I watched kids I see every day believing the gospel and giving their lives to Christ. How many days do I sit and wonder why a student is acting out or why they can't just sit still and be quiet for once.  Apparently, there is pain...pain that I can't see, pain that requires a Saviour.

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