Monday, September 20, 2010

Two Dreary Days

So...we have two cold, rainy days in a row and I'm sulking and crawling under a blanket and pulling it over my head.  I experience such disappointment when my options are limited. When I am forced to stay inside, I want to be outside.  When it is too hot outside, I want to be inside. Apparently, I'm insatiable.  Why can't I just have what I want, when I want it? Why can't the weather be 75 degrees and sunny all the time? Okay, I know we do need rain.  I would really like the wind to stay under 10 mph so my golf ball doesn't go bouncing off walls and trees when I aim straight at the pin. Although, to be painfully honest, that could have something to do with operator error.  Don't we tend to have a preconceived notion of what things should look like? I know I do.  When it doesn't look like that we are disillusioned and even shattered.  How do you suppose God felt when Eve took a bite and Adam followed suit? We have a way of grieving His heart over more important things than disdain for the weather. The question I ought be asking is more like.  Why don't I give Him what He wants in my life when He wants it?

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