Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On Boredom

Boredom…. a word so overused and misused. If there is boredom, it seems to me that there might be an absence of thankfulness or a spirit void of the creativity that would push us to pursue something that makes us tick louder. There IS a part of life that makes me yawn. Those tasks that have to be rehearsed over and over again without variation such as cleaning, paying bills and pulling weeds. But, after those things are out of the way, there is a whole world by which we can define our existence. God orchestrated this treasure hunt and packed it full of incredible beauty and intrigue. When there is no prepackaged entertainment readily available or maybe (play along here) before looking in that direction, I propose that we go outside. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to get my chores done so I could go out and explore at our farm and create an environment for myself out of whatever I might stumble across. I look fondly upon the days when technology consisted of a black and white television and a corded telephone. (I was lucky though because our phone had a long cord that I could stretch down the basement stairs in search of privacy, well, until someone on our party line began to click because they wanted to make a call.)
Being outside beckons us to be creative, it begs us to look. Fortunately for me, art does the same thing.
Written - 9/2/10

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