Friday, September 17, 2010

"Something Beautiful"

The song by Need to Breathe, says I need something beautiful to touch me. There is a deep longing in us for beauty.  I read John Eldredge and it is a focal point in his writing. In a recent devotional he quoted Simone Weil "There are only two things that pierce the human heart: beauty and affliction. Why do we long for beauty? I suggest that it represents everything that is good and worthy in the world. It displays God's intention when He gave Adam and Eve an ideal environment in the garden.  It demonstrates how He truly wants to give us every good and perfect thing yet, we go about doing life and creating our own affliction.  As an artist, I create a lot of things. I am capable of making a horrendous mess before I have anything beautiful and then I inevitably see the flaws.  I can easily comprehend affliction. Clearly, I need to work on "getting" the beauty part. I am getting more sensitive to it's touch.

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